Word from the Athletic Director


Bear Fans and Visitors, 

Greetings! Welcome to Griffin High School 2020-2021 Athletics Web Site. I want to first and foremost  welcome you back to another year of Griffin High School athletics. I pray that you are safe and in good health  as we continue to adjust to the challenges placed upon us by the Corona Virus. Because of the constant and  frequent changes, we must now adjust to the new normal. 

We greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and commitment as we go through this pandemic. Over the  past few months, I have witnessed tremendous strength from our student-athletes and coaches. Our students athletes have adjusted from on-campus practices and competitions to training at home and attending classes on line. Now as we start another year of on campus training and competition we must contend virtual learning. In  spite of our current disposition, we look forward to the new calendar year with great anticipation and  excitement. We will always work diligently to ensure that we maintain our focus of using athletics as a means to  enhance our students’ educational experience. 

As we embark upon the 2020-2021 academic year, the athletic department is looking forward to another  successful year as our athletic programs continue to STRIVE TOWARDS EXCELLENCE. 

During the 2019-2020 academic year our athletic programs received numerous accomplishments and honors.  At a glance, the 2019-2020 academic year presented GHS with State Play-Off appearances from our football  team, boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, and competition cheerleaders. Unfortunately, our spring sports were  

suspended. With the suspension came pain and sorrow for our senior student-athletes, their parents and  coaches. Most of them missed their cherished senior events such as the prom, senior nights, and awards  ceremonies. Our seniors have a great deal to be proud of and while this is not the way any of us wanted it to  end, I want to thank them for a job well done. 

GHS and our community are extremely proud of our student athletes. The Bears will be competing in a new  region for the 2020-2021 season. The Bears will compete in GHSA’s region 2AAAAA. Region 2AAAAA  consists of Griffin, Harris County, McIntosh, Northgate, Northside-Columbus, Starr’s Mill, and Whitewater. 

We are also delighted to welcome our new coaches to our athletic staff. I am very proud of the Griffin High  School coaching staff, and I have encouraged them to take every opportunity to ensure our student-athletes and  teams are challenged to give their very best. 

Athletic competition, by its nature, contributes to greater student-athletes’ self-discipline, a growth in emotional  maturity, and an increasing realization of the worth of the individual. Student-athletes should learn that  participation in athletics is not only a privilege, but it is also an honor that requires the responsibility for  maintaining one’s academic standing.  

We expect our student-athletes to set goals academically and athletically that will benefit their team and  themselves. To attain these goals, one must base their lifestyle on hard work, sacrifice, second effort,  determination, punctuality and persistence. Likewise, these characteristics will bring championships to our  teams and guide our student-athletes to be a champion in the classroom and life. 

Sports participation is an integral part of most high schools, and Griffin is no exception. In our pursuit of  perfection, we not only focus on athletics, but we focus on academics, leadership, and citizenship. Although we  strive for our student-athletes and teams to take great pride in being successful in their athletics, the athletic  program does not believe that winning is the only measure of success. Opportunities to display sportsmanship,  to win with dignity, and to lose gracefully are traits that will ensure that athletics is a positive educational  activity. 

To the Griffin High School family, Dr. Kellogg, facility, and staff, your support and directions provide us with  the necessary resources to make our coaching endeavors easier and the student-athletes’ participation  successful. To the coaches, I am honored to be associated with such a great group of professionals. I know we  have an outstanding coaching staff at Griffin, and I am proud to be a part of it. 

To our students, the GHS department of athletics is here to assist and support each and every student-athlete to  achieve his/her highest potential. We would like to say to all our athletes, “Go practice, play, and study hard to  help yourself and your teams reach the goals set before you as student-athletes while keeping academic first.” 

To our community, alumni, parents, and friends, you are a tremendous asset to our athletic programs, and our  students are extremely grateful for your cooperation, support, and loyalty. The athletic program’s success at  Griffin High School is based on commitment by student-athletes, parents, coaches, and the school community.  This commitment is exemplified through our student-athletes’ off-season workouts and competitive  participation, ongoing volunteer efforts of parents, and a relentless desire of coaches to prepare student-athletes  for challenges they will face during high school and beyond. 

I invite you to continue to help build upon and enhance the image and spirit of Griffin High School by  becoming involved in our school’s activities and educational process. There is no better time to construct an  even brighter future for our student-athletes. “WE ARE GRIFFIN!” 

These are, of course, unprecedented times that call for unprecedented actions and our main concern remains the  safety of all student-athletes, their families and fans.  

Thank you for supporting our students and our school. As always, my door is open for you!! 


Dr.  “Coach”  Kennedy Holt
Griffin High School Athletic Director
Email: Kennedy.holt@gscs.org
Phone: 770-229-3752 ext: 128